• Boston - Museums

    Harvard Art Museum
    The Fogg Art Musuem and the Busch-Reisinger Museum will close for renovation, which should last about 5 years.
    Fogg Art Museum
    The Fogg Art Museum, which opened to the public in 1895, (...)

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  • Boston - Theatre

    Centers of the Performing Arts
    - American Repertory Theatre
    Located on the Harvard campus, the American Repertory Theatre encompasses the Loeb Drama Center and the Zero Arrow Theatre. Founded in 1980 by Robert (...)

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  • Boston - Music and Dance

    Performing Arts Centers
    Citi Performing Arts Center
    The Wang Center for the Performing Arts or the Citi Performing Arts Center is comprised of two theatres : the Wang Theatre and the Schubert Theatre, both (...)

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  • Boston - Festivals

    Music Festivals
    Boston Celebrities Series
    Poulenc, Rachmaninoff, Gould, Menuhin, Rostropovich, Britten, Callas, Pavarotti, Boulez, Abbado...countless celebrity artists and stars have taken part in the Boston (...)

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  • Boston - Cinema

    Movie theaters
    [- The Brattle Theater
    > ]
    The only independent cinema of the area, the programming of the historic Brattle Theater is resolutely turned towards the (...)

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